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Esquire Netherlands Feature

02 nov Esquire Netherlands Feature

Esquire Netherlands Feature

So last year the Esquire Magazine where I was featured in came out in November. Which makes it the December 2016 edition of Esquire Magazine. The pictures where shot in August 2016. They also interviewed me about my personal life and cocktails which was really fun to do.


I am really glad I got these pictures taken, especially because they where taken right before my pregnancy. Looking back on the pictures make me proud of my body, although my body did go through some changes  of course. I gained 10 kg during my pregnancy and lost about 7 kg now. So I am almost back at my weight from before my pregnancy. But even if I get back to that my body is totally different. And that makes me even more proud. Of course every woman is different. Giving life to my baby boy was the best thing I’ve ever done! And my body was Amari’s home for 38 weeks. So if that means my body is not the same anymore I’ll take it! In short, I am happy with how my body was before my pregnancy and how it looks now, right after the pregancy. The woman body is so amazing and I feel like a superwoman.





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