Anna Akyerè | Art Quest Vintage Feature
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Art Quest Vintage Feature

24 okt Art Quest Vintage Feature


Who is @annasmindscape?

My name is Anna and I was born and raised in Rotterdam. I am an Arts and Crafts Fashion student at Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. I love to go to museums by myself, hanging out with my friends and doing spontaneous stuff.   One of the things I love the most is  expressing myself with clothing and working on my skills for creating clothes, scenes and drawings. On top of this I am also a starting blogger (

How would you describe your style?

My style depends a lot on my mood and the dutch weather! Sunny weather inspires me the most. In general you can describe my style as  both feminine and playful. It is not really constant, always changing. My style also has a lot of ’90s and African influences.

Why do you love vintage fashion?

I love vintage because you get to wear pieces that are one of a kind, and mostly for a fair price! I also get inspired by the style and looks of different era’s for example the ’70’s. It also makes me feel good if I’m wearing pieces from decades ago that aren’t brand new because by wearing vintage in some way you are not participating in the big fast fashion consumerism.

Do you have a vintage style icon inspiration?

Yes, I have so many! But at the moment I’m really into Eartha Kitt. She was an actrice and a jazz singer.

Do you look into current trends when buying vintage items?

Of course I spot trends but it’s not like I go in to vintage stores only looking for on trend items.

What is your favorite vintage era?

I get inspiration from so many eras all the time. But at this moment I think the early seventies inspire me the most. This is because it looks like women in the seventies didn’t put much thought into their looks and just wore what ever they felt like wearing. They look really free and unbothered. And that’s my mood most of the time.

Is there a vintage trend you would definitely not wear?

Something I would  definitely not wear is the Beatle Boot.

It’s a hot summer day and you’re wearing your favorite vintage flared jumpsuit where are you going?

I’d probably go hula-hooping in the park with my friends.

See the whole feature HERE


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