Anna Akyerè | Advertorial: Adidas
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Advertorial: Adidas

24 okt Advertorial: Adidas


Advertorial: Adidas

Girl power has never been a stronger word than in the past couple of month! Women supporting each other, the feminism movement, the list is endless! It was definitely time for a sneaker made especially regarding women’s feet. Adidas took that matter in their hands to develop a running shoe based on a woman’s physique and foot shape. The Pure Boost X. Believe me, it’s like walking on clouds! Other than simply testing the shoe, I also got to shoot an editorial with them for

What stroke me first were the vibrant colours that really pop! Even more if you combine them to completely black outfits. To make use of the colours, and since I myself am a huge fan of pastel hair this seemed like a logical addition. Just recently I’ve seen an editorial in Vogue starring Gigi Hadid with different pastel afro wigs. The editorial was great, but I still found it disturbing to have a white model rock wigs… why not use a black model? I love Gigi, but it would have made much more sense with a black model instead. Additionally real afros look far better than wigs anyway. So I casted three of my friends that have amazing natural fros and are just stunningly beautiful.

It took a few hours but all afros got coloured by my pro make- up artist who always makes the impossible possible! THANK YOU SO MUCH Kristin Belger for creating a result that looked even better than I imagined it to. I had one of the best days ever and it would not be possible without that kinda team and without adidas having the guts to let me do my thing. There are very few brands that have supported like adidas and I have the biggest respect for their loyalty. Find all the crew credits below and I hope you are gonna have as many girl crushes as I have, afterwards.

CREDITS: photography: Marlen Stahlhuth // Hair & Make-Up: Kristin Belger // Styling: Christina van Zon // Models: Julia, Anna, Lucia (IZAIO) // Assistance: Marieke Fischer // Layout: Linda Gömer // Location: BLOGFABRIK

Feb. 3, 2016

  • Labels: Working Sailor

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